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Ranking biotech's top venture capital firms

Which venture capital firms get the best returns? In our latest 50-page STAT Report, Kate Sheridan answers just this with a definitively ranked list of more than a dozen of the biggest names in biotech investment: including Third Rock Ventures, OrbiMed, ARCH Venture Partners, and even Flagship Pioneering. Learn more about this report.

The 20 Executives — and Companies — to Know in Chinese Biotech

In China, biotechnology long lagged behind the industry in the West. Now, thanks to billions of dollars in state and private investment — and dramatic regulatory changes — what took a half century of iteration in the U.S. has happened over the course of about 20 years in China. In this latest STAT Report, we feature the 20 most important executives leading this revolution. Learn more about this report.

STAT’s guide to interpreting clinical trial results

Interpreting clinical trial results is not for the faint of heart. Companies spin, short-sellers hawk, and everyone else is left swimming through the muck. But there is an art to reading scientific results — and you can learn it. In this report, STAT’s Sharon Begley and Adam Feuerstein provide basic tools to help you read clinical trial results with an appropriately skeptical (or at least critical) eye. They also examine specific examples of spin, noting the sections of papers reporting the results of clinical trials where they appear — and why that matters. Learn more about this report.

The STAT guide to viral vectors, the linchpin of gene therapy

Gene therapies were once dismissed as too dangerous to introduce to the treatment landscape. But today they are making a comeback with hundreds of products in the pipeline and under trial. In our latest STAT Report, we dive into the science, and business, of viral vector technologies. We spoke with executives from 18 companies to identify the pipeline of therapies that are nearing the clinic, the engineering and production challenges that may stifle progress, and how key players are looking to overcome those challenges. Our aim: to make the problems, stakes, and possibilities clear to everyone — whether you’re an executive, investor, or policymaker actively working in the space, or patients and families interested in learning more. Learn more about this report.

Biosimilars: What will it take to deliver on their promise?

Biosimilars — nearly identical versions of biologic drugs — have been heralded as a salve for the skyrocketing costs of prescription medications used to treat a wide variety of diseases. But so far they have been a disappointment. In this STAT Report, we dive into the regulations and manufacturing limitations that have acted as barriers to entry, as well as the companies that have managed to succeed in the space. Learn more about this report.

The STAT user’s guide to venture capital in biotech

This 140-page report profiles over 50 venture capital firms that invest in biotechnology — from firms that specialize in biotech (or in health care in general), to generalists who are pumping money into the broader technology sector, with biotech as part of the mix. This is an ideal report for startups looking to raise venture capital, and to navigate the field of opportunity from coast to coast. Learn more about this report.

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