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Democrats and Drug Pricing

This 100-page report profiles each of the Democratic hopefuls running for president in 2020 — including long-shot candidates who may nevertheless be seen as picks for vice president or cabinet roles — and analyzes their positions on drug pricing. This is an ideal report for pharma insiders, policymakers, and staffers alike, regardless of how closely you’ve been following the 2020 race so far. It provides a comprehensive understanding of how the election is likely to influence public policy debates around the country in the coming year, and what a change of party in the White House could mean for the industry overall. Learn more about this report.

Coming Soon: Demystifying viral vectors

Gene therapy is projected to become a $5 billion a year industry by 2026 and help thousands of people. But it won’t fulfill that promise unless scientists can figure out how to deliver those therapies cheaply, efficiently, and effectively. This report will dive deep into viral vectors, outlining everything from the science behind the therapies, to the challenges of scaling production and maneuvering regulatory hurdles. By providing data on clinical trials of viral vector gene therapies and information about the companies running them, this report aims to help investors keep tabs on key milestones and contextualize investment decisions. It’s also a useful guide for company executives and researchers working in the gene therapy space to help them maintain their competitive advantage.

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