2023 Update: STAT’s guide to interpreting clinical trial results


2023 Update: STAT’s guide to interpreting clinical trial results

Interpreting clinical trial results is not for the faint of heart. This report addresses the critical issue of spin in clinical trials. It emphasizes the need for vigilance when evaluating such trials' results, as misleading information can be concealed beneath apparently positive findings. But there is an art to reading and writing scientific findings — and you can learn it.

In this update of STAT’s bestselling report, the authors provide tools to approach clinical trial results with skepticism and critical thinking, aiming to empower readers to discern reliable research from potentially biased or misleading information. The report will further explore potential red flags, illustrating challenges faced during clinical trials, from their inception and execution to their final reporting.

This report seeks to educate readers about the pitfalls and potential biases within clinical trial reporting, enabling them to make more informed judgments about the efficacy of various treatments and interventions to make smarter business decisions.

In this report, you will find:

  • A definition of spin in clinical trials, supported by real life examples.
  • Four key questions to ask when evaluating clinical trial results, and an overview of additional tools you need to read results more critically.
  • Analysis of the red flags you should look for in clinical trial design, execution, and reporting of results.