The STAT user’s guide to venture capital in biotech


The STAT user’s guide to venture capital in biotech

Published: Oct. 2019

This 140-page report profiles over 50 venture capital firms that invest in biotechnology — from firms that specialize in biotech (or in health care in general), to generalists who are pumping money into the broader technology sector, with biotech as part of the mix. This is an ideal report for startups looking to raise venture capital, and to navigate the field of opportunity from coast to coast.

Highlights include:

  • Nine deep dives into venture capital companies that help paint a picture of the biotech investing process — from the research itself, to how the investors met the inventors, to how the deals got built.
  • Insight into some of the companies that have received investment funds from these firms.
  • Geographically organized portraits of other venture capital companies investing in the space, including details about the types of investments each firm makes, their leadership team, and their areas of interest.
  • Afterword and analysis by Matthew Herper, STAT senior writer

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