The STAT guide to viral vectors, the linchpin of gene therapy


The STAT guide to viral vectors, the linchpin of gene therapy

Published: Dec. 2019

Gene therapies were once dismissed as too dangerous to introduce to the treatment landscape. But today they are making a comeback with hundreds of products in the pipeline and under trial. 

In this report, we dive into the science, and business, of viral vector technologies. We spoke with executives from 18 companies to identify the pipeline of therapies that are nearing the clinic, the engineering and production challenges that may stifle progress, and how key players are looking to overcome those challenges. Our aim: to make the problems, stakes, and possibilities clear to everyone — whether you’re an executive, investor, or policymaker actively working in the space, or patients and families interested in learning more. 

Highlights include:

  • An overview of the basic science behind viral vectors, and the history of their development
  • Major challenges in the development, manufacturing, and testing of viral vectors — and possible solutions
  • Case studies of therapies in eight disease categories that are advancing through preclinical studies, or that are already being tested in clinical trials
  • Analysis of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approach to regulating viral vector therapies

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