Nanotechnology in Medicine


Nanotechnology in Medicine

Published: Dec. 2020

If you’ll pardon the pun, nanotechnology is big. The science of manipulating molecules and materials under 100 nanometers in size is spurring advances in drug development, diagnosis, and treatment. Since 1970, more than 600 applications have been filed with the Food and Drug Administration to test drug products containing nanomaterials. Of those products, 19 have been approved.

In this latest STAT report, we take a look at the key companies involved in bringing nano-products to market; the challenges they’re facing in demonstrating safety and efficacy; and the ways they’re trying to overcome them. We also examine the different kinds of nanomaterials being developed for medical applications, how they work, and the treatments in which they are being used. If you have an interest in future directions of drug development and delivery, vaccines, and imaging, this report is for you.

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