Climate Rankings: How top drug companies measure up in combating climate change


Climate Rankings: How top drug companies measure up in combating climate change

This exclusive report is the first comprehensive guide to how biotech and pharma companies are combating climate change, ranking them on their efforts to understand and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Based on data compiled from a variety of public sources, STAT conducted an exclusive analysis, using 20 different metrics to rate companies on transparency, credibility, scope, and implementation of climate policies.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are major contributors to climate change, through direct emissions and also through their supply and value chains. But the drug industry has trailed far behind in tracking its carbon footprint, much less trying to reduce it.

That’s changing as companies are coming under increasing pressure to take action on climate change from investors and other stakeholders, including government regulators, customers, and their own employees.

There’s been no easy way, however, to find out what individual companies are doing — if they’re doing anything at all.

Until now.

In the report, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the pharma and biotech industries’ contribution to climate change and what the challenges are to measuring and reporting emissions. 
  • Explore how more than 30 companies are ranked, along with detailed data about their climate efforts and how we evaluated them, and why a majority of the 100 top companies are not doing anything at all.
  • Learn what steps some companies are taking to address global warming, who is directing those efforts, and how companies that want to take action can begin doing so.

Additionally, a free spreadsheet with the full data for all 33 companies will accompany this report as an added bonus.