Biosimilars: What will it take to deliver on their promise?


Biosimilars: What will it take to deliver on their promise?
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Published: Jan. 2020

Biosimilars — nearly identical versions of biologic drugs — have been heralded as a salve for the skyrocketing costs of prescription medications used to treat a wide variety of diseases. But so far they have been a disappointment.
In this STAT Report, we dive into the legal, manufacturing, and regulatory challenges that biosimilars currently face — and the possible solutions that could help biosimilars deliver on their promise. This vital read will help people in industry, academia, and politics understand the complex world of biosimilars and take the measure of what might be done to ensure that they are worthwhile to both patients and businesses alike.

Highlights include:

  • Comprehensive analysis from STAT senior writer and Pharmalot columnist, Ed Silverman
  • A comparative history of the development of biosimilars in Europe and the United States
  • Analysis of the roadblocks facing the biologics market — from patents to payers
  • An overview of how to overcome these challenges, and a look ahead at where the biosimilars market may go from here

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