Health care’s big bet on blockchain


Health care’s big bet on blockchain

Published: Sept. 2022

It’s not just Bitcoin. In the fiercely competitive world of health care, blockchain technology is quickly becoming the next frontier, offering hospitals, insurance companies, health tech startups and others in the industry the potential to, among other things, increase the protection of patient data, cut costs and create a stronger bulwark against fraud.

But unless you’re a cryptocurrency aficionado, diving into the blockchain world and understanding the opportunities it opens up for the health care sector can be daunting.

This report is designed to give you a crash course, walking you through the technology’s concepts, terminology and health care applications, as well as the challenges that stand in its way. To put the report together, STAT spoke with dozens of executives across the health care sector, and took an in-depth look at the start-ups and established companies that are finding ways to use blockchain to increase the efficiency, profitability and security of patient care.

Think of this report as your guide to health care’s big blockchain bet.

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