2021 Update: Ranking biotech's top venture capital firms


2021 Update: Ranking biotech's top venture capital firms

Published: Aug. 2021

Last year, STAT’s Kate Sheridan filed numerous Freedom of Information Act requests and combed through private returns data for more than a dozen of the biggest names in biotech venture capital. The resulting report — which profiled these firms and their executives, explained the strategies and companies behind their performance, and ranked them based on who delivered the best returns to shareholders — was one of our most popular STAT Reports to date.

Our latest STAT Report is an update of the classic, this time with 2020 data. It features some jaw-dropping numbers from behemoths like Flagship Pioneering, some surprising shakeups, and a few new “faces” — including Lilly Asia Ventures and Mission BioCapital.

Review the 2020 edition of this report here.

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